XL Simmental Award
In 2003 XL Simmental began sponsoring an award for the overall Junior Showmanship Champion at the Lemmon Junior Livestock Show.  Each year's winner will receive a heifer calf and be required to show the award heifer at next year's show in the bred heifer division.  This will be a perpetual award with the recipient giving the first calf back to the program.  With the heifer calf and her dam on display throughout the day many people were exposed to the quality of the "new" Simmental cattle.


The photo is this year's Junior Showman and winner of the award.    We extend a hearty congratulations to him and good luck next year in the show.


We thought this was an excellent opportunity to give back to 4-H and the Lemmon Junior Livestock Show for all they have done for our children and grandchildren.  Congratulations to this year's winner and good luck to all of the young folk participating in the future.


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